PRIVACY POLICY of our applications
Latest update: September 2018

This document applies to the mobile apps developed by chepil. We've tried to keep text simple, so we hope you will take a time to read it carefully.

Some of our applications can collect data from users:

Information provided directly by the user, when creating user account or supplement your user profile. These may include personal data: name, e-mail address, username (login), phone number, address and other necessary personal information.

We may also collect other information intentionally provided to us by the user. In particular, user data processed in the framework of our services.

Transfer of these data is not mandatory, but is some cases required to use the full functionality of some of our software.

Information about your devices. They can be: model, version, operating system, web browser information, unique device number, etc.

If you use our service, which uses geolocation we may collect and process information about your actual location, such as GPS signals received by your device.

Information about your personal preferences while using our products. In particular, settings used to adjust the operation of our services to your individual needs.

Some of our products may use cookies. Information from cookies is collected while using our web-based services.

Information about your IP address, in particular when you log into our services.

We collect this information for the following purposes:

Providing and improving our services.

Adjusting contents of the application to the user's preferences and optimizing the use of these applications.

Creating statistics that help us to understand how users use our services, which enables us to improving the software continuously.

Maintaining user's session, that improves the convenience of our solutions.

Ads presentation, including in a way that respects user's interests and his place of residence.